Com546 Course Learning Objective

Advertising has been one of the main source of income for any form of media. Therefore, I think it would be interesting to see the effect of evolution of media on it and how buying patterns for media as a source of advertisement and marketing changed over time.
As media evolved and there were multiple channels to advertise, did the amount spend on advertising increase, or was it just taken out of one source and put into the other? If the money spent increased, what was the reason for it – more exposure or the fragmented audience? If it did not, then why not?
Another phenomena that I would like to explore is how quickly or slowly the audience adopted the new form of media after it was introduced to it. Did it then discard the old media after the adoption was completed?
I think I would then like to, based on these evolution trends explore the current and future mindset of individuals towards digital media and what would be the best way to invest in this form of media in terms of advertisement.

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