Com546 Term Project Idea

Industry- Advertising
Technology- Online Display Advertising
Issue- Evolution of Fraud in Online Display Advertising

My term project idea revolves around the advertising industry, where I would like to track the evolution of frauds in different forms of advertising media, eventually concentrating on display advertising. Although display advertising is still evolving, it constitutes over half of the revenue earned through digital media channels.
I think it would be interesting to track the various types of fraud that existed in the placement of traditional display media like newspapers,magazines, banner ads etc. and the ones that are currently known in the online display ads industry. The various trends that can then be mapped across these kinds of frauds could include the investment required, the gains – monetary or otherwise, how long did they last before they were caught and finally the impact that they had on the entire industry.
Finally, the goal of the project would be to look at the online display advertising from the lens of the already known traditional media frauds and from these insights, predict the changes that the display advertisement could undergo and the impact these frauds could have on the digital advertising ecosystem.

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