Term Project Thesis Statement: Evolution of Online Display Advertising

Title: Evolution of Online Display Advertising: From Text Ads to Behavioral Targeting

Thesis Statement:

The evolution of online display advertising started a revolution in the marketing industry. The offline channels of display advertising were expensive and had the ability to target only a small segment of consumers at a time without the ability to focus on a specific target market. Online display advertising was able to drastically moderate all of these characteristics. With exponential growth in the amount of time spent online, it was possible to target the right consumer at a very low price. However, online advertising is still a growing ecosystem. With over a hundred different companies embedded between the advertiser and the publisher, this industry is still to reach its full market potential. Thus for the purpose of this project, I aim to focus on the question: What can advertisers take away from the evolution of online display advertising that can help them place advertisements in a more effective manner?

Statement of Intent:

Online display advertising is still evolving ecosystem and therefore we can learn a lot from the initial models of online advertising that can help us pave the path for the future.

Past: Text based online advertising – JPG or PNG static image

Present: Untargeted Flash enabled display ads that worked on the cost-per-million impression model

Future: Targeted Rich Media banner ads that work on a cost-per-click model. Targeting types include Behavioral Targeting, Social Targeting, Demographic targeting and Geographic targeting.

Working Source List

Evans, David S. (2009). The Online Advertising Industry: Economics, Evolution, and Privacy. Journal of Economic Perspectives; Summer2009, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p37-60, 24p, 2 Diagrams, 2 Charts, 1 Graph. Retrieved from Ebscohost.com, University of Washington Library.

This paper explains the expansion of Internet-based advertising is transforming the advertising business by providing more efficient methods of matching advertisers and consumers and transforming the media business by providing a source of revenue for online media firms that competes with traditional media firms. It focuses on how the decline of the newspaper industry symbolizes the relationship between online content and display advertising.

Hollis, Nigel. (2005). Ten Years of Learning on How Online Advertising Builds Brands. Journal of Advertising Research 45(2), 255-268. Retrieved from http://journals.cambridge.org/

This article explains in depth the birth and the boom of online display advertising. It outlines the spending on display ads through the years and how the advertising ecosystem has evolved online to fit into the sales cycle. Finally, it explains the metrics used in measuring brand strength as seen from the spending in display ads.

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